Monday, October 25, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs... (our dogs and how we got them)

I promised in my last blog to tell you how Rodg and I became proud parents of our very own puppy dogs.  Here's the story:

Ever since Gracie became a part of our family we planned on her having puppies.  She was such a cute little thing and every where M brought her elicited a request for a puppy just like Gracie.  Gracie has had several litters but in this blog I will tell you about her second litter.
Ozzie, Lucy, Hershey

Joe a neighbor and friend had a Shi-tzu mix male named Zeus.  Zeus was 5 yrs old.  Rodg thought Zeus would make a great baby daddy for Gracie's pups.  So we borrowed Zeus with Joe's permission for a few days during Gracie's special time.  And wah-la 2 mos later we had four little puppies.  Unfortunately one of them didn't make it... but we named him "Tomorrow" and had a little funeral for him.  It was very important for the kids.  The other three were just fine.  Before they were even born we had owners for two of them.  Lucy, the runt, was mostly black with a little brown, and Ozzie, the next to the smallest, he was all brown.  But we had one other little girl puppy that was the biggest of the litter and when she was next to her brother and sister who were very small, she looked even bigger.  No one... and I mean no one wanted her.  All because of her size... umph!  So of course we kept her... what else could we do?  I ask you...huh?  We just didn't have a choice... tee hee.  We named her Hershey.  And you know what?  We got the best one of the bunch!

Well that's it for now... I will return with the third installment of our dogs and how we got them  soon.  Oh, I almost forgot.  My parents are visiting us for a few weeks, and guess what?  They brought two of their dogs!  A little shi-tzu named Rascal (who just happens to be Jersey's brother) and my dad's hunting dog Butters, he's an Irish setter... yes it's true!   We now have SIX critters in our home.  More dogs then people!  Haha, isn't this fun? =]]

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