Monday, November 1, 2010


I have been a Christ follower for many years… much too long to consider myself “new” at this.  However, I am discovering so many new things about God lately that it … well… it feels new.  I feel like I’m in that “honeymoon” phase that brand new Christians experience when they first meet Christ.  

I have been a working outside the home mom as long as I’ve been a mom.  It wasn’t a choice… it was a necessity.  I would go to work, carrying this … guilt.  The guilt of not being there as much as I thought I should for my children, the guilt of not being the home maker that I thought I should, ect.  I always felt a vague sense of wrong doing, that I was doing something wrong… as a mom.  That feeling didn’t just affect how I felt as a mom but it affected my entire self confidence.  I felt insecure about… my job, my life as a Christian, my marriage, my relationships, etc.  It affected everything. I have been so blessed, and I know it.  But even so I felt like I couldn’t ask for anything or I shouldn’t because I was blessed to be getting the blessings that I have and to ask for anything else was being greedy. Does that make sense?

I know that I, as a parent desire to give good gifts to my children, whether they ask or not.  However, when they ask the only thing that keeps me from saying yes to everything they ask is…well it’s two things actually… 1) Is it a good gift… for them? And 2) Can we afford it?  Yes it’s true sometimes I have said no simply because we could not afford it, and that if we could I would have said yes. Hehe do I sound insane yet?  Here’s my point… Isn’t God a better parent then me?  YES!  Does he have trouble figuring out whether something is good for me or not?  NO! Does He EVER run out of blessings like we run out of money, time, or energy?  Of course NOT!

Why am I afraid to ask my father the king for blessings?  As long as I don’t take the blessings he has bestowed for granted.  As long as I never start feeling that I somehow deserve them.  We all know that none of us deserves anything from God but by the same token don’t we know He gives good gifts anyways?  We should.  

Sometimes God knows a gift or blessing is good but we feel like it isn’t.  But He is never wrong.  What He chooses for us is what is the very best for us regardless of how we feel.  I am 50 years old and I am just now getting this!  Because I’m a daughter of the King, I can ask without fear, trusting my Father to give to me, His child, the very best.  How awesome is that?  This applies to my children as well.  

Don't waste another second… NOW is the time to get to know God better.


  1. I think that the more we can understand the Love of Jesus,then we can better understand why we should go to Him expecting nothing but good! God is a God of love, unconditional love and He says its His good pleasure to give us all things freely! Wow, what an awesome God we serve!

  2. Getting to know God is a lifetime of learning. :)

  3. I too, have found a fresh excitement in my walk with my King. The closer I get to Him, the more I see how much He loves me. God is amazing!

  4. Lisa and Abiel, Thanks so much for your comments. Being able to share with other believers is such a blessing. =)