Thursday, November 4, 2010

GPS from God

The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth" (Luke 3:5).

I love the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in new cars.   I don’t have one myself but,  my boss does, he showed me how it worked on the way to an office meeting the other day.  A voice came on and told him how far he had to go and when to turn.   However, that day he took a wrong turn and the voice said: "Recalculating route."   
The GPS told him he had was off course and that it was recalculating the route based on his wrong turn!  Wow!  It got me thinking… sometimes we can make wrong turns in our spiritual lives.   We think we are going the right direction only to discover it was never God's will to make those choices or go down that road…   the examples are limitless.

This is an amazing, awesome, wonderful thing about God.  He can make our crooked places straight. He has an ability to make whatever blunder you make turn out right.   It may mean there might be some consequences to those decisions, but He will always allow your actions to work together for good for those called according to His purposes if we repent and seek Him fully to make things right.   These lessons can even contribute to greater wisdom in our lives if we learn from our mistakes.

God's omnipotence is always one step ahead of our incompetence.   Praise God!!  Do you think He knew you would make that misstep?   Absolutely.   Do you think your life was planned even with that misstep figured in?   Absolutely.

Isn't it comforting to know you cannot plan God out of the equation no matter how bad you mess up?   He will always turn crooked places into straight places for those who are humble and contrite.  Isn’t He just awesome?!?


  1. Thanks for the s&t comment. I will reply after a short late night fresh air walk.

    As you may have noticed the post features some somewhat heated debate. See Tikno and PMH.


    P.S. I pray for God's 'GPS' on my life daily.

  2. I did notice... the uhmm "debate" haha. Being such a newby I decided to sort of steer clear. Hope your fresh air walk was just what you needed.

  3. It is comforting to know that know matter how much we mess up, God is right there to get us back on course. : )

  4. Amen Lisa... that's for sure =]]

  5. Perfectly stated. And God's people said...Amen!!!

  6. I have a new Biblical Studies (rare) post for you to sample, if you so wish, of course. Not like the big blow-up one.;) Thx.

  7. This is so true Robin.A month ago we haD SOME SPECIAL SERVICES ABOUT GPS.Gods Positioning System. We as christians need Gods GPS within us.The Holy Spirit.

  8. @thekingpin I would love to sample it. Send me the link. Thanks

    @Creative Mom Yes we do! His GPS is perfect. =]]

  9. thekingpin68

    Hello again Robin, there are some comments already.